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Franchise Opportunities for Beginners

Easy Franchise Opportunities With High Profit for Beginners
This article will be focusing on providing information on the best franchise opportunities for beginners, with an added advantage of having an investor friendly business structure which is ideal for beginners. Below are the best franchise opportunities for beginners;

1. The System 4 Franchise

The System 4 franchise is a franchise opportunity for beginners that specialize in the provision of services that include facility management for its clients. Founded in 2003 by the duo of Phil Kubec who doubles as its CEO and Edward Hammer, it began franchising the same year it was founded. Its corporate headquarters is located at #610 Independence, Ohio.

System 4 Franchise Startup Costs
The startup costs incurred by System 4 franchisees include an Initial Investment sum starting from $86,000 to $388,000, a Liquid Cash requirement ranging from $75,000 to $150,000 and a net-worth requirement from $250,000 to $800,000.

System 4 Franchise Fee
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Home Franchise Opportunities

Home-Based Work From Home Franchising Opportunities For Sale
Because of their flexibility, home franchise business opportunities have increasing become popular among prospective franchisees due to their nature of easily being run from home.

It is in the light of this that this article will be concentrating on available home franchise opportunities and the procedures involved in buying into these franchise.

Some home based opportunities for moms with low or no startup cost include the following;

Aunty Anne's Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels With soft pretzels as its main products, this franchise opportunity was founded by Anne Beiler in 1988 with corporate address located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With Auntie Anne's LLC as parent company, it has Heather Neary as its CEO and went into franchising a year after it was founded.

Aunty Anne's Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels Financial Requirements

The financial requirements needed to own this home franchise opportunity includes; an Initial Inv…

Finance Franchise Opportunities

Finance Franchising Opportunities - Best Value Franchises
This post will be talking about several financial franchise opportunities that people can join as franchisees. There are many financial franchise opportunities which will be listed here including details and information that you need to know before deciding on which franchise to join.

Financial Service Franchises For Sale, Low Cost Franchise Under 10k

Ikor Int'l Inc. This is a financial franchise opportunity that focuses more on patient advocacy and guardianship for seniors and people with disabilities. It was founded in 1991 and started franchising in 2008 with Brian Petranick as the CEO. The business is situated at 511 School House Rd., #600 Kennett Square, PA 19348.

Financial Requirements for Ikor Int'l Inc.

The financial requirements for joining this franchise opportunity includes: initial investment ($80,200 -$132,833) while the liquid cash requirement is $150,000- $240,000.

Ikor Int'l Inc. Ongoing Fees


Easy Franchise Opportunities

Easy Low Cost Franchise Opportunities With Great ReturnsEasy franchise opportunities are the focus of this article, as it will be exposing available easy franchises for investment, especially for investors that do not want all the long procedures and bottlenecks involved in starting a business.

This article will be providing information on the financial requirements, training and support and also how to join among other details.

Cruise Planners With expertise in the travel agency sector, cruise planners is an easy franchise opportunity that almost anyone that meets the criteria can participate in. founded in 1994 with its corporate headquarters located in Coral Springs, Florida, it started franchising in 1999, and has Michelle Fee as its CEO.

Cruise Planners Franchise Financial Requirements

Cruise Planners has the following financial requirements, an Initial Investment starting from $2,095 to $22,867, a Net-Worth requirement of $10,495, and a Liquid Cash requirement of $10,495. These ar…

Cheap Franchise Opportunities

Best Cheap Franchise Opportunities With High Profit There are lots of cheap franchise opportunities out there you can invest your small money into and earn a good return on investment. I will be sharing this post cheap franchise opportunities that entrepreneurs with little capital can start one of their choices.

Which are the three great industries for cheap franchise opportunities?

In case you are finding it difficult to start a franchise of your choice, I want to let you know that there is still hope for you to own a franchise company you will still love.

OpenWorks OpenWorks is a cleaning franchise established in 1983 with its headquarter in Arizona.

OpenWorks franchise is a commercial cleaning company that provides pressure washing, carpet, and upholstery service, and window cleaning for small and large businesses, hospital, hotels and financial institutions and it is supported by a strong management system.

It is a strong franchise business model that takes a comprehensive approach…

Veteran Franchise Opportunities

Best Veteran Franchising Opportunities - Franchises For Veterans
Below are some of these veteran franchise opportunities; this article will concentrate on available franchise opportunities that can be taken advantage of by veterans. They are either created specifically for military veterans, or heavily favor veterans in honor of their service to America.

Matco Tools
Founded in 1979, with its corporate headquarters located in Stow, Ohio, the Matco tools franchise specializes in provision of mechanic's tools and equipment. With Timothy Gilmore as its CEO, and Fortive Corp. as its parent company, Matco Tools started franchising 1993.

Financial Requirements for Matco Tools Franchise

The financial requirement for buying a Matco Tools franchise includes the following; an Initial Investment fee of $89,229 to $267,810, a Net-Worth requirement of $30,000 and a Liquid Cash requirement of $30,000.

Matco Tools Franchise Ongoing Fees

Franchisees are to pay the following ongoing fees to the franch…

Online Franchise Opportunities

Legitimate Online Franchises Opportunities to Start Today With continued global growth in internet usage, there is a remarkable and steady increase in online businesses, especially low cost online franchise opportunities which are also very profitable and easy to run.

Representing strong brands which have been proven and tested, these franchises offer the best investment options for candidates.

With its online nature as its selling point, it means most of the work you will ever be doing is online and the financial rewards are quite remarkable. Listed below are some best online franchise opportunities which you can invest in;

1. Eazi-Apps

Eazi-Apps is mainly a mobile app. Founded in 2012 by founder Zakir Daud, it currently has 20 franchises in operation. Having a worldwide coverage, this online franchise offers equal opportunities to franchise candidates and investors from whatever part of the planet who want to share in the success story of Eazi-Apps.

With franchise cost starting from …